Such Venom and Ill will doesn’t befit you.

That’s not who you are! 

Tartness and Ruthlessness doesn’t become you.


There is no need to be  Injurious and Obnoxious!

Indulging in malicious gossip is Loathsome!


This is not who you are!




Why such cruelty?

Why such viciousness?

Why such malevolence toward your fellow woman ?


You are you and I am me.

You have your opinion and I have mine.

Let’s be kind enough to be willing to agree on disagreeing!



  • FredPeyer

    You said it, Laura. Don't know if this is aimed at anyone in particular, but no matter, we should all agree to disagree!

    • Laura🌻

      Your visit and comments are always welcomed and appreciated!
      Thank you!


    • Tony36

      Well written and expressed

      • Laura🌻

        Thank you for the read
        and comment! Very
        much appreciated!


        • Tony36


        • Accidental Poet

          You've addressed an issue with your honest feelings and a solution. Agree to disagree is always a good outcome. Great write.

          • Laura🌻

            Thank you for taking
            the time to read, commenting and save! Your input is always welcomed and appreciated!


          • Laura🌻

            Your visit my dear
            💝Lauren 💝 is very much appreciated! I’m so glad you love the write. Many thanks for complimenting and saving it into your favorites!

            I don’t write a lot...but when I do, it is because I’m stoked to do so!


          • ron parrish aka wordman

            no room for a!! holes on a poetry site

            • Laura🌻

              I totally agree with you, Ron! Thank you!!!!!!
              I really appreciate your visit and comment!


              • ron parrish aka wordman

                my pleasure

              • FineB

                Thank you Laura.

                What a wonderful poem and you have certainly touched upon one of the downfall's of man.

                Keep writing

                • Laura🌻

                  You’re welcome, FineB!

                  Your read and comment
                  is very much appreciated!


                • ZIGGY

                  hi there ok then so this is directed to a certain person which is something I have done on another site which is ok by me as you do it with poetic ways not another my fav lines are these for me ''There is no need to be  Injurious and Obnoxious!
                  Indulging in malicious gossip is Loathsome'', good words you pin together there to make your point ,,,zigs

                  • Laura🌻


                    Thank you for the read,
                    comment and saving it
                    into your favorites!

                    Yes, I’m especially proud
                    of those lines too. There IS a reason for the deliberate choice of font and position of certain words.

                    It most certainly was to make a point and to emphasize the message!



                  • Gary Edward Geraci

                    Nice ‘acrostic like’ “VITRIOL” interspersed throughout your your write. Good work Laura.

                  • Laura🌻

                    Thank you Gary!

                  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

                    hi laura, sometimes we get so wound up with peoples ways , and people can certainly frustrate and upset us. i like how you ask questions , questioning why the need for their behaviour. why is a good question , and there never seems to be a good enough answer , these people just seem to be this way , for some reason

                    i love these ending lines, you make a very good point

                    You are you and I am me.
                    You have your opinion and I have mine.
                    Let’s be human enough who will agree to disagree!

                    great piece of writing laura ..!

                  • Poetic Dan

                    Good vibe may it reflect on us all

                  • Laura🌻

                    Thank you, my friend!

                  • wolfangel73

                    Good read Laura 🙂

                  • Maxine Smith

                    Amen. Let’s be adult and disagree, dynamite finisher.
                    No need to animosity, a waste of precious time.
                    Well said hunny.

                  • Neville

                    Go girl.. I got ya back.. some things just have to be said.. dont they just... said well in my book Neville

                    • Laura🌻


                      Thank you for reading and commenting! Very much appreciated!...and many thanks for having my back!


                      • Neville

                        pleasure's mine

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