Grey world

I could walk for miles, and never get tired. I have so much on my mind, most undesired.

Its so hard living in a coloured world when all you see is grey, i try to concerntrate and focus but my mind gets lead astray

Black is one of my favorite colours, red when i see my own blood. I start to feel relief when i see my blade flood

I wish to see red all the time, apart from black when im ready to die. 


  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed

  • rrivera138

    Your poetry is great, and intimately sad. The melancholy is expressed with much maturity which is hard to find in poetry at times. The traditional rhyming scheme adds depth and never feels tacked on. Good stuff. I hope you'll write a happy one for us some day. ✌🏼

    • Theskyisnotblue

      Thanks so much, i hope so one day too. 😀

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