Louis Gibbs



Our brains are no match for computers,

Nor are our bodies a match for robots. 

It seems we have invented ourselves

Into being an endangered species.


Perhaps we will be kept as servants, or pets.

Or an advanced species of sentient beings

Will swoop in to intervene on our behalf.


In any event it appears the good old days

Of waging war and despoiling the planet,

Through arrogance and sheer ignorance,

May be coming to an inglorious end.


It is time, wouldn't you say?


  • orchidee

    A fine write Louis. I would say our brains are far superior than computers. The computers only do what human programme them for - good and bad.
    Unless one day some creepy self-automaton arrives. But even if so, some human will have to invent it to begin with.

    • Louis Gibbs

      Apparently you have not played chess against a computer, 'O'. It is humbling. And they are still being improved. Thanks for commenting on this.

    • orchidee

      Oh I know. It's said humans only use 10% of their brain capacity. Or in some cases they only use 1% (me?! lol).

    • FredPeyer

      Our brains are no match for computers as far as math is concerned, but I have yet to see a computer with the kind of imagination displayed here on these pages!
      But no matter what, if the days of waging war and despoiling the planet could come to an end, that would be wonderful!
      Love your poem, Louis!

      • Louis Gibbs

        We can cling to that, Fred. I'm sure computers in the near future will be able to extrapolate ideas to resemble imagination. As I commented to orchidee, they can certainly outthink us in chess and many areas now. We'll see.

      • Santita

        The second verse is really what worries me about the future.. What will become of us? I also wonder what we will do to ourselves, but adding computer-robots into the mix does frighten me, if I am honest. The end of war is a beautiful idea, my friend, but if the book "1984" is any indication we are far from peace. Anyhow, love the way you put thought into your pieces, they always contain a glimpse of you, which I enjoy seeing & interpreting in my own way. Always great writing!

        • Louis Gibbs

          I can always count on you for a thoughtful reply, Santi, and I greatly appreciate that. Far from peace, indeed ... unless it is imposed upon us. That incidence opens up several possibilities for consideration, none of which would be pleasant. But I must believe that everything is evolving towards our ultimate betterment as a species. The pace is just picking up noticeably.
          Fret not, my dear, for we are immortal souls. Thank you for you.

        • Resa71

          I really liked this poem.
          And while computers are pretty much controlling most aspects of our lives, the one thing that can not be programmed, or replicated is a soul, the spirit of any living being!
          That’s what I cling to, that’s what keeps my hope alive.
          Your writing is awesome! You got the wheels turning in my head. That’s what a good write is supposed to do. Thank you for sharing! :)

          • Louis Gibbs

            Many thanks for your affirming and sweet response, Resa. You are right, our souls are unique to us living beings and will never be a component of robots or computers. Not to say they won't excel us in all other ways. It will be interesting to see how and if we manage to co-exist.
            Thanks for making this a favorite!

          • Suresh

            It's not who is more intelligent, it's how one uses their intelligence.

            Having intelligence and not using it is a bigger crime then being ignorant

            I hope you don't mind me taking this liberty

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