Burning Crow

The Fallen

She fell from the black sky, like she had broken wings, a trail of metallic dust glowing behind her.
Her hands and feet are bound with barbed wire her mouth is sewn shut.
Her ice blue eyes shine against her pale blonde and translucent flesh, she almost looks like a broken mannequin I stare into them my head fills with the sound of her piercing scream.
Her face tells me all the tales of her shattered bones as if mechanical tentacles slithered across her spine.
As the sun slowly starts to rise I smile as I say goodbye, such tortured beauty fell beneath the sky, I caress her translucent flesh as she disintegrates into nothing more than metallic dust


  • Burning Crow


    Thanks for your comment and I'm glad you liked it, It was a weird visual I had going round my head for a while and I wanted to recreate it as best as I could.

    I'm glad that it's had the effect that I was aiming for.

    Thanks again


  • LittleGift

    That was an intense scene which gave me goosebumps at the end. You describe even thas most dark details so beautifully


  • Burning Crow

    Thanks LG, glad you enjoyed it and that it gave you goosebumps :-).


  • yellowrose

    wow ... some dark piece of writing here but expressed so well, i do feel sorry for that broken winged girl who fell out of the sky.. nicely done :-)

  • yellowrose

    she needs her broken wings to be fixed and she needs someone to help her escape... nobody should feel that tortured trapped , abused and in pain

    • Burning Crow

      Thanks again, I'm glad you liked it, and yep she does sadly there's a lot of torture in this world, but you never know she may rise again.

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