The Reason For My Service

I am not a slave.
There is a difference,
between a slave and a servant.
A servant reaps,
his own benefits,
for his works.
He is treated well,
by his master.
He does more than work.
Where as a slave,
his mind is put down.
A slave has no benefits.
He is treated subhuman.
He is forced to do labor.
I am a servant.
I choose to serve the Lord.
When I serve him,
the Lord blesses.
I am garanteed,
a spot in his kingdom.
I am a child of God.
Jesus loves me so much,
that he died for me.
Yet he gives,
me a choice:
do I want to be his servant,
or do as I please.
I choose to serve the Lord.
I am not a slave.
without Christ,
one is a slave,
to the devil.
He lies to you,
as he does so well.
He tricks you,
into doing things,
that you are not sure,
if you want to do.
He uses words,
that sound like great promises.
Now you are,
in dept to him.
There is never,
any joy in your.
There is only what,
you know and don't know.
You are a slave,
locked in chains.
still, Christ can break,
each of those chains.
Christ broke my chains.
Now I am servant.
Now my heart,
is always fresh.
I reap my benefits,
and they are beautiful.
because my master,
yes master,
loves me,
I will serve him.

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