Last Night I Dreamt

Last night I dreamt, that I was free.
Unraveled did the rope, that bound my hands.
Dropped to the ground, the broken chains that shackled my restless feet.
I looked out an open window, smiled at the moon light dancing across the dark of night.
Winds swept up, from below
I cried as I began to rise, sobbing once I had taken flight.

A loneliness washed over me and I knew I could never return.
My captor was my one true love, of this I did learn.

Smiling faces large pots of gold a place
Where no one grows old this crazy thought
Is a dream from last night a dream i like

Last night I dreamt,
A spooky dream .
Sat straight up, in ny bed
Let out a terrible scream!
OH what a horror!
OH such a fright! That dream so chilling
I had last night
What was it about you ask?
Well, there was ..? Uh .
I can’t seem to recall , wait maybe a little,
Hmmm, no , not at all.

In the dark I saw a light
Realizing I was in a forest
The light was jumping
And stopping so still
As I caught up
It was a white doe
I was following
Out of this Forrest
Of monsters and scares

Last night I dreamt that I was once
Again a child.
Running barefoot across the grass.
Carelessly drifting from side to side,
Like a giant sunflower free and wild.
From this heavenly state,
I struggled not to wake.
But nights shadows turned to light .
Like a thief, my lovely dream,did Mornings
Echos take.

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