A love Note to you

I can speak words of adoration

Well into the night

And still not a one

Will ever be right


To convey or depict

The love in my heart

You have un-mindedly deposited

From the very start


You unselfishly give

Never wanting to take

Only wanting to please

With passion that’s never fake


You are selfless and caring

And unbelievably kind

Another as beautiful  

I would never again find


You are my inspiration in life

My very best friend

That’s why I will love you

Far past my life’s end


  • Tony36

    Great write, glad to hear from you again

    • notapoet

      Thanks T glad you liked it and its good to be back writing again, hope all has been well with you.

      • Tony36

        Things have been well

      • Floridaa

        This is lovely!

        • notapoet

          Thank you kindly for the read and taking time to comment, much appreciated...

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