2 days away from my 18th birthday

2 days away from my 18th birthday and what a luxury it was to be alive

Ive felt the soft summer breeze on my stomach, ive danced until my legs gave way.

Ive got into trouble with a friend and broken all the rules infront of me

Ive kissed a hundred lips and hugged a hundred hearts

Ive loved a few and left a few, and danced alone at midnight

2 days from my 18th birthday and i cry in plain sight

Is it only me who walks alone at night? And i whine, so loud the world may hear my need

But they are blind, they are deaf to me, for me. They dont even glance 

Is it only me who layers make up on my face, so they may see someone else, someone other than the girl who cannot be loved by others

How cruel is it to bring someone up to never feel wanted, to never feel needed

2 days from my 18th birthday, is this really how things should be? 


  • Tony36

    Great write

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