Glorious Coffee

Fresh green beans from New Guinea

Old school roaster ready to go

Stirring slowly then faster

Faster listening for cracks 

Smoke billows filling the room 

Perfect timing and cooling 

Eight hours to de-gas

A proper burr mill ready to go

Grind set for my Aeropress

A few minutes drag by

First sip is a knockout 

Second is a silken delight 

Third, fourth, fifth, heaven

Why does it have to end?

The glory of coffee realized!



    Thanks for smelling this one!

    My coffee skills are better than ever since I went old school. If you want more, you'll have to cut off your hand and send it to me. I can teach you how to roast it yourself, but that would require an arm!

    Thanks for the correction; my hand is a bit twitchy these days from the coffee!

  • Laura

    A most flavorful write!
    That was the best cup of coffee I’ve had all day! I love my coffee!! Can’t do without it!

    You are truly a coffee connoisseur!


      Thanks Laura.

      I wish all of you could be here to have philosophical conversations over splendiferous coffee.

      The best coffee that I've had, was from a very ornate, Italian espresso machine. No fluff involved. It's sad to see where American tastes have gone.

    • FredPeyer

      Mike, great poem! If I would put your beans into my Swiss made Jura fully automatic coffee machine, turn it to espresso, I guess I would never come down from that high again!!!
      Love that poem!

      • LAWLESS

        Hey there Fred,

        You have mentioned your Jura coffee maker before; it sounds like a great machine. I had a Krups, but it couldn't reach the 9 bars of pressure needed. I leave espresso for the experts, not Starbucks!

        I like a full city roast which is a little lighter than an espresso roast. A lighter roast has more caffeine.

        Alright, enough for now. Professor Coffee has said enough. Enjoy that wondrous brew, especially in the land of Kona.

        • FredPeyer

          Sorry about mentioning it again, Mike, but every time I make coffee I am like a little boy at Christmas! :-)

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        • Goldfinch60

          Good write, I can smell it from here. I too enjoy good coffee but do not go to the lengths that you go but I do buy roasted beans from a specialist tea and coffee supplier and grind them myself immediately before putting them in the filter coffee maker.

          • LAWLESS

            Thanks for the comment Gold.

            You are on the right track when buying locally. The beans are best within 2 weeks of roasting. I bought a vacuum container which helps keep the beans fresh. Grinding them directly beforehand is also an important step. I highly recommend a French Press over a filter coffee maker if you'd like a step up in strength.


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