kevin browne

Sugar Sweet She Shone.


Sugar sweet she shone like a sun-kissed blonde
I kissed her twice and then she was gone
Fair-tale, fairy-tale tell me it's true
This story was written and everyone knew

When I watch candle flames flicker over her face
Guessing intent when my love was put in my place
There we sat in front of the hot open fire
I saw her shadow reflect upon my desire

Her love looks lazy on a cold Sunday morning
Icicles play a sad melody as they are melting 
So I picked up the guitar and strummed away
On her heartstrings, she heard I couldn't play

So I bought a big boat called 'Love Me Tender'
Which she did but I thought she wouldn't remember
When she took off her dress I was in such a mess
But then she took me down below for a test

With the good old Johnny Walker whiskey running high
She rubbed half the world up against her thigh
But her wicked ways with other toffs and rich men
I'll lock her out, I'll lock her in but I don't know when

Started travelling around this big wide world
And lucky enough to find me another girl
She played the banjo and I played Shakespeare
The stage was set when she said kiss me my dear

The curtains pulled and we stood there both unaware
Of all the beauty, the glowing, and the audience to be fair
We read our love sonnets like we were Romeo and Juliet
It felt like a miracle of love but I wouldn't put a bet on it

Surprising loves quality has been altered slightly enough
When two lovers take hold of their hearts, it's tough stuff
To pull in close, real close, so close you can't let go
Just like my pen if you'd prefer to know.


  • Shakerite

    Excellent poetry ☺

    • kevin browne

      that's very kind of you to say. thank you for popping in.

    • Poetic Dan

      Outstandingly you my friend
      Such a great read from start to end
      Left me with so many songs
      With a new love for the pen.
      Many thanks again

      • kevin browne

        If you manage to make a song out of it then I would certainly love to hear it. thanks, Dan. hope you're keeping well.

      • Candlewitch

        enchanting tales of your romantic experience! reads like music of the heart!
        *hugs, Cat

        • kevin browne

          and thank you for touching my heart with your comment you gave. love to love.

        • FredPeyer

          Kevin, you keep surprising me, positively for sure! Some great lines. I like the 'curtains pulled and we stood there both unaware'. To me that says 'reality interfered'! Well written!

          • kevin browne

            Yes, Fred, the reality of beauty where most fail to see it is such a sad thing. I try my hardest to string together the rarity of opening up a love poem that's fitting to all people but managing to capture the art of writing in many colourful and astonishing ways. it's a world all us poets live in and to rejoice in writing new stuff is immensely rewarding to all. thank for you wonderful and kind comment.

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