just another poet

just another poem

every day I slow down.

at the end of every day I have a frown.

doctors say Im depressed.

i think im just racially oppressed.

People say im truly gifted

I think my spirit is just lifted.

I dont pay attention in class.

i just stare at my water glass.

I been like this for years.

I hold back tears.

Im only 13.

throwing my life away.

Without a say.

They try to give me help. 

I feel like a dog and all i do is bark and yelp.

I want to make my family proud.

I want them to stand up and see them clap loud.

I do, i really do.

But i never think things through.

Ever since I was born my father wanted me to be the best.

Better than the rest.

I have wanted to quit.

But I wait and sit.

Waiting for a light. 

Something that will shine bright.

but until then.

Im just another poet.

Im the one who wrote it.


  • Caprib97

    I understand where you’re coming from. This reminds me of when I was 13 (feel old saying that and I’m only 20) I started writing because of the feeling I had about my life that I am getting that you feel from your words. I didn’t start showing anyone until a week ago because I was afraid and would get my parents “Good job” so that is so awesome that you are posting and you should keep your head up life’s a roller coaster the only way you can go back up is to go down sometimes so enjoy it 😊

  • PoeticPsycho

    I enjoyed your piece, thank you for sharing it

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