Losing you

I am the world's most lost person I am the true definition of lost nobody will ever understand how I feel I feel like I have no path to follow without you here I have nobody to keep me on track now that you are gone I keep trying to find my way but it seems like the harder I try the more lost I become things just aren't the same and they never will be it's been one year and seven months since the worst day of my life and things have done nothing but get harder nothing will ever change how much I miss you and time will never heal this wound the only thing time does is cause me to miss you more and grieve even more than I already do I'm lost in this life with no sense of direction since I've lost you... 


  • PoeticPsycho

    Keep your head up! Losing a loved one is very hard, and I know that on a personal level, words from another will almost never heal the wound. My prayers go out to your family and your brothers journey. I am sure he is protecting you from above, peace.

    • sidqiehs

      Thank you

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