Jo Middleton

The cup

Sitting there with your curves to make me blush
Upside down but that's more than enough
If you could I'm sure you'd smile and wave
Pearly white flattering because you're my best friend

With your pretty patterns everywhere
How do you do it? Look so pretty and fair
Delicate flowers bestowed upon you
Precious vines and silk leaves too

And you make me so freaking happy Jesus Christ
You're wondrous you know that?
No, don't tell me twice, I know you love
That I'm here smiling at a cup...

The cups talking, the cups breathing
The cups longing longing longing to be free
For some reason, the cup tells me....
 It wants to be me


  • yellowrose

    oh , interesting , i love your mention of your friend as a beautiful cup and the ending line , it sounds like your friend is maybe feeling trapped ''' the cu

    the cups longing longing to be free, for some reason the cup tells me .... it wants to be me '' really good ending .

    she is your best friend and yet she cannot smile and wave at you .... like a cup who is unable to communicate back, you admire he but she cannot speak,

    nicely done jo :-)

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