Philip Daniel Cook

The King's Die Nasty

Long live the king!

The king's die nasty

in the Michelangelo walls.

A fight within, and beyond

space and time.


Lies in legacies.

The former blood is weak.

But the bond of word is strong,

as the spell that brought an end

to history's circle.

The ministry of great suffering 

comes great blessing.


To be king of someone's

crypt, I'll move your ghost

around the room. The death might

be sacred but the deliverance is pure evil.

As the ancient code of man,

delivered by the plan of serpents 

in sand. 

I'll stain this room

with my own blood,

my own Satan!

I'll move around this room

my own Lucifer star.


The king's die nasty is the book you give glory.

You kill and kill, more sacrifice, no advice but worship 

the mice.


I'll be tortured in hell's dungeons.

Ripped apart in my spinal fluid.

The hell is only....what submission or death.

The pain of being stuck in a heaven you don't belong.


I'll drown in piss filled fires, of all the demons in

pits of the darkest hole you dreamt. 

Shall beckon tunnels to the surface of the moon.

Where I'll keep them as pets of a certain place and a time.

To recollect the king's die nasty was law but false in it's scripture.

A goat's head to worship me!


As the darkness itself, I'll walk the stains

as my reward and the light my own shall

asunder your unsure.



  • Philip Daniel Cook

    More or less. It;s this duality of the light stripping man's spirit and in that fear sacrifices himself only to submerge to hell as to with "just cause". In essence it's I sacrifice and not God and God took my ghost or my spirit but it's only my dead ghost he uses, so I'm useless! The thief makes you question who is king because he stole the ghost and so his crown as well? Belongs to the king and not the thief, it just shows how dumb we are!!!

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