Mirror, mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall

whos the most foolish of them all? With one palm up and both heads down 

Who will receive the foolish crown?

Could it be her with her lies and excuses for stabbing my back?

Or could it be me for judging her but repeating her actions like symmetry?

We dance in a rythym of heart ache and myth, every tear a new step, every rage a new swing

Every person a new style


i spend weeks waiting for text, built me up, left me waiting and let me go?


I cry but you won't see my tears, you run from my hurt and let die inside


You have no time for me, a question is enough to sit wrong

belly dance 

You accuse me of stealing your love from you


you spill our dreams on him, you spend our life on him

But its my own reflection that kills me inside, a cold fist on the glass, tap me and knock me 

The hurt in her eyes reflect in those who she has hurt, with her carelessness...her foolishness

Mirror, mirror not on the wall, sew me up as I watch you fall, save the last of my broken soul and take me with you until I'm whole



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