Midnight thoughts

So I found myself thinking,

Thinking about a lot.

Maybe my minds right,

Maybe I'm not good enough.


You said it yourself.

It's losing itself.

So maybe my minds right,

Maybe im not good enough.


Maybe some day,

You'll see that I tried,

You'll see that I cried,

A lot.


I tried to be good,

I tried to pay attention,

I tried to show you love,

And I tried to help you open.


Up to me,

The one you say you love,

The one who stays by your side,

Who holds your hand so tight.


Maybe my minds right,

Maybe I'm not good enough,

Maybe if I keep trying,

You'll see you like I do.


Maybe you'll see,

How much you really mean to me,

Maybe you'll realize,

You're the world to me.


Maybe you'll notice,

That I am trying my best,

Or maybe you'll hope,

That you'll see my real smile.


Forgive me please,

For the way I am to you,

But don't forget,

You are my world.


I'm trying my best,

I can promise you that,

But baby sometimes,

You need to do more,

Than just glance.


  • Tony36

    Great write

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