adam brown

words will never be enough

feeling this much gratitude and feeling this much love

I mean it when I say that words will never be enough

when your mummy told me she was pregnant

iv never felt such joy

and i was completely blown away

when told that we would have a boy...

the fifth day of the seventh month

two thousand and fifteen

Jayden is finally here

the most perfect thing iv seen

looking at your mummy thinking she truly is my queen

I will love you always

good the bad

and all that's inbetween..

since you came along I'm thinking about all that we have done

watching whilst your playing, laughing
and having so much fun

your learning everything so quickly

and I'm so proud that your my son

any time you ever need me there
just call and I will run

at times this world will feel like unforgiving place

not knowing which way you should turn like your lost inside a maze

but just hold my hand,
and i will walk you through the darker

each step taken at your pace...

I will guide right by your side

but you must learn by your mistakes

until the end your my best friend

a bond so strong can never break



  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed

    • adam brown

      thank you so much I'm just not good with punctuation and setting out as iv only been writing a short while 😊

      • Tony36


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