Am I Perfect Yet?


Am I perfect yet?

Am I enough?

I will never break a sweat

No matter when things get tough

I'll steal the beauty crown

I'll be the smartest lady ever

I can never wear a frown

I will do everything better

I could be anybody you want

Do anything without fear

I'll be that person you can flaunt

I will show no tears

I would be like plastic

Never fucking up

I'd be so fantastic


Am I enough?

  • Author: Felicity Jones (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 10th, 2018 11:30
  • Comment from author about the poem: It's a poem I wrote when I was younger on how my dad would want me to be perfect. If I made a mistake, he would yell at me. I lived a life as a kid trying to please him and make him proud. This poem is me asking if I am enough as a daughter.
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  • Resa71

    Why do parents place such pressure on their children to be so
    Then again, as a mother of a smart, beautiful 20 year old,
    I recall being hard on her sometimes. Especially once high school began.
    I never went to college.
    I wanted a better life for her, I didn’t
    Realize the pressure I was putting on her, was too mych!
    Until one day at 15 years she told me how she felt.
    That trying to be “ The perfect girl”
    Was making her crazy, afraid to let me down.
    I hugged her and apologized.

    • Cynthia

      Trust me, us kids we are too afraid to tell our parent that we are trying to hard to be how they want us to be but we still feel like we are disappointing them or we are going to disappoint them and it's so fridging hard on us. We try to be who our parents want us to be and sadly parents don't see how hard we stress ourselves and how much strain we put ourselves under. We are just too damn(please excuse me for my language) afraid to tell our parents. So in my eyes I see your daughter as a very brave lady. And you did a great job raising her.

      • Felicityjones

        Well the thing about my dad is he would yell at me over any mistake. I could have accidentally knocked over a glass cup or not understood my homework. I actually had to go to a special class at school to do my homework because of him. He was a very tempered man.

      • Tony36

        Well written and expressed

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