safe in this forest of beautiful bluebells

Today I stand
purple lingers around my feet
brown barks are standing strongly
tall and proud
brave giants of wonderful wood
the sky upstairs hides
proudly behind branches, leaves
my umbrella
a cover in those painful tragic times
the sky, and my mind
there is no option
I need to hide
just like the sky happily shrouded
beyond the giants and the leaves
separation of space
separation of worlds
and here I am, hiding
I'm in a safe world
where beautiful bluebells stand
safe and happy ladies
soft and tender blues, and purples
circle my vision
just like the tall tree’s
standing still
they support me
nothing and I mean nothing
can get to me
whilst I am here
someone try, try and push those giants
see if you can hurt me and damage my very core
it won’t work, every effort would be pointless
you know I am right
the bluebells, and happy ladies
they are making me smile
and the strong and sturdy trees
they are my giant friends
I am protected
I am safe
from the thunder threatening
to hurt me even more
even if I heard a roar
above my umbrella
I would know, it could not hurt, not me 
in a forest of bluebells and sturdy giants
divided and separated
from the world which lingers up and above me
sure, I would hear a roar
and feel the downpour upon my skin
but I would not care
It would not hurt
Nothing would reach my soul, within
 safe in this forest
with the bouncy bluebells, stirring
around my tired feet
I am happy with the giants
around my eyes
and the sky safely above my umbrella
the bluebells can always stay
I am happy here
so long as they stay in the ground
and nobody threatens their beautiful life
I am happy here
so long as the trees  stay 
nobody can pull them away 
fro the home in which they live
by the hands of a selfish man
for the want of a piece of paper
I will stay here
but I need the bluebells
and the hundreds of classy ladies
around my feet , my vision
the beautiful souls , my kind friends
befriending and making me feel safe
standing by the side of me
the one in need
because they are my company
the flowers, giants and the lovely umbrella
around me, above me
So much strength
and friends to make me smile
an umbrella to keep me safe
friendly giants who will stand strong
for me and be my shield
when attacks want to come my way
and the world is threatening
To hurt me, again
from within
I will be safe
nothing will hurt me anymore
and the leaves on the trees
the twigs up above
they are my support
an umbrella
the giants are my guards 
and the bluebells are my friends 
this is my safe place 
when times threaten to get tough
the forest of bluebellls
where I want to stay
i just hope and pray 
that nobody takes it away from me


  • Laura

    Loved reading this piece!
    A very peaceful place to
    be! Great write!

    • yellowrose

      hi laura, thankyou very much :-)

    • Burning Crow

      Hey Charlotte, great piece really positive and uplifting.

      • yellowrose

        hello burning crow , thankyou ! 😊

        • Burning Crow

          No problem, I'm glad the tree has it's umbrella now 😊

        • Mottakeenur Rehman

          Flawless work!!

        • Jo Middleton

          Every line I could visionise it and it was amazing.. one your best I have to say I love it

        • Lorna

          Don't know how I missed this one Charlotte - just read it now. Lovely image and the perfect place for peace and safety......

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