Lonely is the worst feeling to feel


Lonely is a terrible feeling to feel.

I use to say i was alone but then i realized the difference between the two,

And came to terms with myself that i am lonely not alone.

Being Lonely and being alone are two completely different things.


Alone is not really having anyone to talk to or hang out with,

You don't really have friends to tell your feelings too.

You usually stay home and don't really go out places with people,

Because you really don't have people to go out with.


Lonely is being surrounded by a ton of people you know and love,

And you go out with your friends and have people to talk too,

But you stand with all those people and still feel like you have no one,

Lonely is having someone but feeling like you have no one.


You may disagree and say that being alone is worse than being lonely,

But at least when your alone you can make a friend and feel like you have someone,

Because when your lonely you already have that friend but you still feel alone in the world,

And that's why to me lonely is the worst feeling to feel.


  • Author: Little_Write (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 11th, 2018 22:06
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  • Cynthia

    exactly how i feel

  • Lorna

    I've always felt this way - it can be better and it can be worse but it's always there - wonder why! Alone is much better than this feeling - I agree......

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