Your Eternally Love Letter

Oh my love,
Oh how I miss you so much.
My sweetybird,
You were always,
my most precious thing on earth.
We grew up,
in the same city.
We went to high school,
and college together.
Remember when we poor,
and were both cold,
but we paid and made our way through,
by wearing the same clothes.
I would come,
to all your track meets,
and scream your name,
and you would come,
to all my football games.
When I made it,
to the pros,
my dreams had come true.
It was not,
that I would play football,
but that I could finally marry you.
You were the kindest,
person I knew,
every time I looked in your eyes.
We had our first child,
at the age of twenty-five.
You were least selfish,
person I ever knew.
You were right behind me,
every time we moved.
At age twenty-eight,
you gave birth,
to two more beautiful twins.
I knew we would be,
together forever,
as I saw you,
holding the two,
in the hospital bed.
Then as we turned thirty,
that is when tragedy hit.
I was at an away game,
when coach told me the news,
My wife was very sick.
I took a leave of absence,
and rushed over,
to the hospital fast,
After speaking,
to the doctor in private,
He told me,
you had a lump on your breast.
They said all they knew,
was that you,
had stage four cancer.
He said at moment,
there was nothing they could do.
They did not,
have an answer.
Within a year you passed,
It was so much for me to take in,
that after eight years,
of great football I decided,
to tender my resignation.
It has been nearly ten years,
since it happened.
I am raising,
all three kids by the way,
and finally we have,
a stable home.
I miss you everyday.
Oh I miss you,
my sweetybird.
Oh I miss you so much.
There will only be,
one sweetybird,
but now there is,
someone else I love.
I know you,
would understand.
that this is to much,
burden for one to carry.
All the kids like her.
I was even planning,
on asking her to marry.
She knows how,
I feel about you,
and does not try to compete,
She also knows,
Even though I love her,
you will always be with me.


  • marlenawood

    Very beautiful writing enjoyed this ❤️

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