The Devils Paintbrush


The Devils Paintbrush...His Masterpiece!World Deception, ..... Far from Spiritual Perfection!

Mans True Course.

The Material World:
             Realities Illusion!

False Religion: Just One of 'HIS' Many Tools of Deception, False Reception its Host

THE PLAYER Under a false robe and guise in 'HIS' gain for fame:

"Babylon The Great!"

The World Empire of False Religion. Feeding you lies, that from The True God and His Truths you may turn, Him over Generations Learn to Despise.

A Harlot Prostituting herself among the nations, involving herself in political affairs, exposing herself for all to see! 

The Nations soon shall blame her for Centuries of Mankind's Disharmony and Misery;

Declaring:  "We know The Way"

Blinding Mankind Further giving them Hope That Imperfect Man they Follow.

Blind to Gods Goodness, His Reality, That instead over generations with GOD be berate Him learn to Hate to forget, His presence deny!

Along with THE ARTIST of this Forgery the 'MASTER DECEIVER' Father only to The lie!

Smiling as you wave Gods Invisible Presence, His memory also, goodbye!  His Visible Presence too, Creation;  Accepting instead Evolution (still a Theory) exchanging THE TRUTH!  For THE LIE!

.                   Faith:....
  (The Assured expectations Of Realities not yet beheld)
....required to remove the veil that you may recognise the stench of 'HIS' deception, see through the veil of his lies cutting yourself from any such ties! Freedom realise as Gods Future Promises are revealed as you learn for the first time to open your eyes.

.          THE MISSING LINK!?!
This should make you all think! Giving you reason to realise that fraud is afoot that how through a Theory  you have been led astray!Millions of years of fossil remains..... to be continued!M


  • Burning Crow

    Interesting piece, great description of how the world is at the moment.

    • SandMan

      You will enjoy both; The Devils Playground and Education! Thanks for your perception and understanding

    • Mene

      Quite the thought provoking write, and an honest portrayal of humanity/world antics.

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