Philip Daniel Cook


Once upon a blue planet.....

my labyrinth expelled 

true "terror" in it's bionic apple,

and the only 

one inside was not a worm 

but human.


Sometimes we experiment 

with ancient powers, to let

the genes gently coincide

with a specie of unknown origin.


Only in this where

your manna can rain down

on this desert called Mars.

And the colony called earthlings 

can beam down upon the 

city of ruin.


Plasma coded bones of a heartless planet,

called to arms to rebuild the soul

of this world called out to a being called

"Gaia" to help out this once.


The emerald heart of this sunken ship

in the deepest ocean can still be found.

It's not a needle as much the threading

the rings of Saturn.


It'll take time to help out the world you collect inside.


The dreams we collect are on the side of destiny and you

are the dream.


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