Christopher Aaron

For Marilyn Cook January 12, 2011

Nelson had goods, had a home, he had money and property

Marilyn was good, her face shone, it was sunny and so pretty

Nels was a businessman with his earnings invested

Mar’lyn, a busy woman with her virtues well tested


Nelson was good, he was giving, and he blessed many lives

Mar’lyn was good, was forgiving, and her light never dies

The man’s sweat and toil blessed their lives monetarily

But Marilyn was loyal, now she’s gone temporarily


Nelson got sick and he died, left a will, you see

Marilyn got sick and she died, left a legacy

Nels’ lands got divided and his money ran out

Marilyn loved, did not hide it and she cared… there’s no doubt!


This last part’s for Marilyn as her memory stays

Her road was a-narrowing, and she left, went her way

But a life of example, filled with love, service, charity

Is not one we should trample, rather one we should try to be


We will miss her soft sweetness, and her kindness, her loving way

Not to mention her meekness, and the thoughts of her yesterday

For her hub and her children, it’ll hurt, that for sure, I know

But for her, don’t feel sorry, she’s gone where we all want to go.



A good friend who died…this for her funeral… c  aaron


  • Christopher Aaron

    Thanks again, sorry I haven't been in here for a while. Have been sick, just got back into writing. Thanks for your comment. Wish you could have known her.

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