I would travel to reach your garden

To water your withered, love-parched seed

Flood it through voracious, velvet lips

Fulfilling your every passion-hungry need

I would immerse myself in your forlorn soil

With the fiery rain of a fervent, midnight storm

Steeping you in the drips from my pelvic-waves

In lustful desperation to give you warmth

I would caress your dry, wilted petals

With a silken-tongue of adoration

Singing opulent odes of love

To crescendos of tender hydration

I would traverse the length of your stem

Kissing every protective thorn along your spine

As a marinated-promise of devotion

That I will be yours & you will always be mine


  • Goldfinch60

    Very good sensual write Santita.

  • orchidee

    A fine write Santita. Alas - can't say this applies to me and KP at all. Nothing to do with us. Completely irrelevant! heehee.
    And yet it's true - the last line anyway. I will always be hers, as she's put this ball and chain on my leg!

  • Laura

    I sensed passion, love, and devotion throughout the piece! Metaphorically exquisite and tender...

    ”Kissing every protective thorn along your spine as a marinated-promise of devotion”...
    Your poetic language is amazing!

    A sensual delicate write! You’ve given it life by quenching it’s thirst with your brilliant choice of words, my dear heart! Awesome!!

    As always...


    GRACIAS SANTITA ~ CARA MIA ~ I feel your love and I feel 100% better for reading this very sensuos Love Poem ~ I WILL SURVIVE ! It is a sad day when the LIBIDO dies ~ but Angela does her best (and your Poems !) to keep mine above performance level ! Amo todas de tus Poemas y Tu tambien ! Besos y Abrazos Piquante ~ Tu Amigo ~ Brian "Hombre de Libido Grande !" XOXOX

  • dusk arising

    Wow Santita, blessed indeed is the recipient of your affection here. But be careful lest he be consumed by the heat of your passion and combustion ensue.
    You truly are a wonder!
    Into my fav's (the hidden passion appendix).

  • Carmine Branco

    Excellent is not the word. Perfect in tone and attributes. Beautiful close. A picture worthy of a great painter.

  • FredPeyer

    Love the metaphors, the wording, ah heck, I just love the whole thing! Just be careful, over-watering can kill!

  • WL Schuett

    A beautiful declaration of love , just what I love to read from you so poetic , sensual and earthy . This poem I will save to savor when I feel a little blue . Such fine work Santita, I am sure you are very hyrdrated .... magic

  • myself and me

    I could see a tree grow out of the seed. wonderful writing.

  • malubotelho

    Hello Santita. Wow. What a hot poem for Valentine’s Day. You are each time better. Love the metaphorical way you wrote this. Truly awesome.

  • Nicholas Browning

    Santi, there's a myriad of comments on this, come back and reply to them all.
    The innuendoes are marvelous.

  • A.C Doomcraft

    Havent been on here for a while thought id check your new stuff out as always you dont dissapoint

    If you love someone deeply
    You love thier flaws also
    Nobody is perfect and neither is love
    and this is a sensual
    Way to put that foreward
    At least thats what i got from it :)

  • Syd

    Whoa! I need a cold shower after reading this one Santita. Great write. You are a great poet.

    - Syd

  • Ternic73

    beautifully written

  • Unsub


    probably one of your best seductive pieces. You know exactly how far to take a poem without becoming vulgar.

    You might just be the best poet here on MPS...after me of course!


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