Hot and Cold

He was colder

than my nightly mid-winter walks

snapping, and yelling, and hurting


A boy made of rage 

being with him was like

tying myself to a bomb

and accepting my fate because I didn't 

want to admit that bombs do 

what bombs do


You were warmer

than the feeling of walking back inside 

to a warm home

loving, and caring, and calming 


A boy made of light 

being with you is like 

having someone there to untie me

and save me, and show me.

you made me realize that

I really do know what bombs do


Being with you 

is like being gifted with rain

after melting in the desert 


its like 

giving my love to something

that won't rob me of everything else too


loving you

is the best thing I've done


loving you

is not a bomb,

its the diffusion of one


  • Lorna

    Ahhhhhhh... peace.

  • yellowrose

    hi syd , wow, i love this :-) seems quite a strong piece and deep too . bombs are always made to destruct unless of course we stop the bomb from exploding lol. so he explodes and snaps at you , but however explosive he is , he also has a warm side , and a gentle side .. really enjoyed this x

    • Syd

      Thank you! its actually about two different people (but I like the way you saw it because there was an explosive and warm side to the first guy) I was in a rather abusive relationship for about three years and I was comparing that partner to my current partner.
      I really appreciate this! Thanks, again.

    • yellowrose

      loving you
      is not a bomb,
      its the diffusion of one''

      the bomb will no longer explode, you will be saved and rescued, i sense that in the end everything is calm and settled..

    • SadderPoet64

      A knight in shining armor for the princess who deserved so much better.
      Glad that you are no longer attached to the bomb, safe and sound with a hero of your own.

      • Syd

        My hero, thank you

        • SadderPoet64

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