Some will love some will hate

Some accept some debate

Some take life for the dollar and cent

Some will sink some will fly

Some are true some will lie

Some stay silent some can't help but vent

Some are scared some are brave

Some will spend some will save

Some are searching for all they can get

Some will give some will take

Some are real some are fake

Some are struggling to pay off bad debt

Some are happy some sad

Some are good some are bad

Some can't see past the colour of skin

Some create some destroy

Some interest some annoy

Some have views that are bordering on sin

Some are nasty some kind

Some can see some are blind

Some will stay in the shadows depressed

Some will rise some will fall

Some will answer the call

Some will just get through life doing their best


  • dusk arising

    Thats some piece of writing.

    • tepo

      Somehow guessed
      Someone would say
      Something like that
      Ta for read and comment
      Very much appreciated

    • Accidental Poet

      Very creative tepo. I like it a lot.

      • tepo

        Thank you sir
        So very kind
        Very grateful

      • Christina8

        Very nice poem, Stevie! I love the rhyme and rhythm. I enjoyed reading it. Great job!

        • tepo

          Thanks Christina
          Lovely comment
          Appreciate it very much

        • Resa71

          Loved it !

          • tepo

            Thanks Resa
            Very grateful for the lovely comment
            Ta for reading

          • Goldfinch60

            Very good write, the last line is so important as we must all try to do the best we can.

            • tepo

              Thanks goldfinch
              Very much appreciate your time and comment

            • FredPeyer

              Some cannot write, some write well
              You're the latter, I can tell!

              • tepo

                As are you my friend
                Humble thanks

              • Laura

                I like this write very much!
                It should be read by one
                and all. Good for the soul!
                Thank you for the sharing!
                ~Laura ~

                • tepo

                  Thank you Laura
                  That comment was good for my soul
                  Very much appreciated

                • LittleGift

                  Great write tepo you clever clogs

                  • tepo

                    Thank you little gift
                    Appreciate that lovely comment
                    Ta much

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