You have been the center of
My universe.
The only thing that truly mattered.
Now, I don’t even recognize the person , I once knew.

Your violence, and cruel words,
Have left my stomach sick,my mind and heart completely shattered.

Why must you hurt me like this, every single day?

What has changed?
What has happened, that’s led you to behave this way?

Is it something I did?
Or did not do?
Did I unwittingly inflict these wounds,
That now seem to Distort, the once beautiful heart that once resided inside of you?

I need to find the answer !
Darkness is consuming my soul like a deep, hungry cancer!
If this keeps on, for very long,
I fear it will end me,I’ll be forever gone.
Unable to step forward,or even back.
Imprisoned for eternity lost in a world void of song and color. Only the echoes of silence that resonate through these walls of empty black.


  • Joe Dawson

    I know what this feels like. Hearts do change, a heart in which I invested my life suddenly changed, suddenly didn't want my love anymore and I learnt to live with it and if this poem is real then you must too. The first and last thing to say is that it doesn't have to be your fault - too easy to take the blame for something one hasn't done especially when things are not clear. Joe

    • Resa71

      Thank you so much for your kind

    • Jo Middleton

      I felt every word as if it were my own but didn't have the right phrases to pronounce it... a very powerful and touching poem I thought.
      Loved it

      • Resa71

        I never did thank you for your very thoughtful, kind review.
        I’m sorry and thank you so much!

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