Lost Without Me

I have tried to live without hurt .However I have held it in for many years. Welcoming new hurt like a distant cousin at a family reunion.
I found peace in times of it
As it is always around. It's like my own personal best friend . When I'm up, it comes around to remind me that it will never leave. When I'm down it taints me more, telling me I can trust in it . And I believe it cause it never leaves. I've ran faster than Flo ,I moved to a different state leaving everything behind. I changed my name like I was a secret agent . I change my looks constantly as if incognito. Yet it always find me clinging to whatever I love . Commanding them ; ordering them to bring it back to me. That it misses having me around . It's lonely without me it says. It needs me it says. Begging them, pleading it's case until they all do as it says. And how can I give up on something that never lets me down. Hey I mean, I can count on it to do exactly what its meant to do. It must be the missing piece of me . Cause I can't destroy it without killing me . What can I do when hurt loves me more than anything ,but stay as there is no where else to go...


  • Jabberwocky

    I was thinking something like this recently. Well expressed. Thanks for sharing.

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