Chaos Realized

Walking with a needle stinging my back

A distant pain

Like being under a glinting moon covered by clouds

When even the light feels black

And fire cold with rain

As shadows and sun both enshroud


Butterfly flying with multicolored wings

Always shifting

Ruled by no consistency, only by chaos

The slightest actions changing everything

Simplicity fading

Into a web of gain and loss


Fate has opened the door and set me free into a cage

Growing, not with age

New confidence ripe and fear's weeds return

Time a gatekeeper for every time I enter without having left

Just left bereft

A broken raft in a stormy sea where peace and war can't be discerned


  • poelove

    I really enjoy your originality good story lines
    again though my my opinion as an example:
    butterfly flying with multi colored wings
    could be better read
    butterfly flying, multicolored wings

    only a constructive criticism that's what this site is supposed to promote ...also I would not mind hearing your (youthful) opinion on my poems..peace

    • poetboy5454

      I appreciate it, that does help with flow, and I'll be sure to do so!

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