My person

Sitting here dwelling on what happened isn't going to change anything. If he really cared I wouldn't be a mess right now. You have goals and aspirations he doesn't obviously. It hurts so much right now but in time it will stop. Crying all the time only makes you feel worse. You will some day find that person, your person. The one who looks at you with that look that you desire. The look that lets you know he's madly in love with you. The person who will think you are beautiful even after a panic attack. The person who truly wants to be in your presence. The person who cares just as much as you do. But until that day comes how do you mend a heart that was already broken? How do you put back the pieces of a soul that was already shattered?


  • Syd

    Exactly. After a three year long abusive relationship, I doubted that I could ever love anyone as much. You need someone who will love you despite your strengths and weaknesses, someone who will love you boundlessly. You will find that with time. I enjoyed and related to this- thank you!

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