On another level have you ever felt that way like you know too much or to for your time/ that’s how I feel like I’m on another planet far away from the world alone and very misunderstood/ far from the ordinary it’s very scary but why are people scared of me/ am I alien or do common folk not like for you to be an individual or maybe is it that I’m spiritual and there religious/ oh yes there is a difference spiritual is of the heavens and religious is of the world/ I believe that being a leader not a follower was the thing to do/ but seems the other way around nowadays/ followers are idolized and leaders are criticized  for having a realistic view of the system or as I call it the matrix/ remember in the movie once you chose a pill you had a live with that decision and there was no turning back/ all I ever wanted was to help others/ not to be the subject of ridicule/ lucky for me though I’m cut from a different cloth/ strong and able to stand the test of time/ there is a thin and that’s apparent, transparent 


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