If I spoke, not the whole truth, was it compromised, somethings are planned, some is just what the heart felt at the time, unreleased chimes inside, tickle my spine, speak for the mute, see for the blind, almost lost my faith in mankind, but took a step behind, I lead from the back, more of a horizon to watch, concentrate, on how to create, future leaders for our state, saw the hate, when all I wanted was love on my plate, still ate, cause, you dont refuse a plate, not where im from, certain things leaves you numb, to whats to come, redrum splattered throughout the slums, roses growing moothrough concrete, for the meeting of the sun to come, all type of lifestyles from intellgence to dumb, paid all the way down to bums, some is wifey material, some is straight buns, some decide to stand up, while some decide to run, fist or guns, split decision, thats existing within my existence, for many reasons, been on missions, some uplifting, while some were detrimental to my living, desperation and hope, lead me down many roads, had to search for my soul, personally learning, for some is best to grow,  growing my fro, til it hits my toes, we even luxurious when left untapered, samson descendants possibly, let certain things go, why waste your energy, lets focus on importance, the base of the family, missing the loyalty, respect and the money, certain things now a day move to funny, maybe stuck to those times, call me picky, call her for a quicky, please mami, no hickies, got things to see, people to do, lil missy, certain things can leave you dizzy, if it gets to busy, take.it easy, we all die one day, thats inevitable, we all become edible, something incredible happens, thats amazing enough to become fantastic, back to the earth literally we rest, become one and give the body after death, even the end is a beautiful tragedy, as life itself is so, dont worry be happy, partake on the sad and the worthy, balance, is a good challenge, 

  • Author: Pharoahe (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 18th, 2018 02:23
  • Category: Letter
  • Views: 15
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  • Lorna

    You sound like a good person finding your way through adversity - a good poem/write that takes us with you.

    • PhArOahE

      Thanks I appreciate the feedback.

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