the man who stepped out of the lonely cave

He was lost, underground
In a cave, no candle, or torch
everything around him was dark
grey walls lingered around his lonely eyes
trapped in, surrounded, encased in
an underground cave
he was pushed through the earth
beneath the soil and away from the sunshine
away from the light, he now lived
amongst the grey and surrounding walls
a darkness had set in
living without colour or light
He spent his days
in this grey walled cave
alone and lost
ever so frightened and confused
crying and desperate for freedom
there was no way to step out
of this lonesome cave
no doorways, no paths
and so, he was all alone
aching to be a tree
 wishing he could grow taller
a little taller
till he reached the roof of the cave
like a strong and intentional tree
he would shoot, right on up
with a strong -willed body
and the mind of a determined soldier
turning his hands into iron fists
he would push on up
until the sides of the roof
 shattered, fell away
and there, his iron fists
would turn into branches
friendly and free , in the sun
is where he now visualised
himself to be
and this is what he kept on seeing
himself with hands made of iron fists
pushing with strength
fighting to reach the outside of the lonely caved wall
his hands turning friendly and free
reaching outwards , finally able to breathe
branches and leaves, breathing in
after so many years
 fresh and clean, sunny fresh air
and this is what he kept visualising
himself with iron fists
reaching the outside
and being able to breathe
the sun would shine
and his branches would sing
a strong and mighty tree
blossoming on outwards
pink would start to appear
upon his branches
and he would realise
his strong and fighting
iron clenched fists
gave him a prize
the prize of being free
a pink, piece of sunshine
formed out of the dark and misty clouds
he won his fight against
the dark and dreary darkness
he grew into the light
like an underground seed
which finally stood above the soil
he escaped and became a blossom tree
branches splaying outwards
from out of a hole in the roof of the cave
and there it was
the rest of the cave started to fall away
and shatter
falling into bits
broken and splayed out on the ground
and there he then stood, proudly
having defeated the cave
made his way out with his iron fists
smiling, he now stood
a pink and visible blossom tree
no longer feeling like
a depressed, dreary and defeated man
he then opens his eyes and realises
his visualisation is now a reality
he is the tree and he can see everything
the dark has left him behind
cave shattered into bits
and he can stand proudly
because he has defeated the darkest world
with his strong willed and iron fists


  • Burning Crow

    I really really enjoyed this, loved how you described the man's journey out if the cave into the world, great description.

    • yellowrose

      thankyou ๐Ÿ™‚ glad you enjoyed, i loved writing this one .

      • Burning Crow

        Yeah it was good one of my favorite ones by you.

      • Lorna

        I'm so glad he's out because I can't think of anything worse than to be stuck in a cave in the dark - except by adding water and making it spelunking...... shudder shudder....

        • yellowrose

          hi lorna.. thankyou ๐Ÿ™‚ this poem is actually about a part of myself which feels alone and in darkness... i deal with dissociation so i hold different parts to myself .. this part of myself feels very alone and lost and in a dark sad place, thanks for reading ..

          • Lorna

            You are coming well out with us Charlotte and we love you!

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          • Laura๐ŸŒป

            You too one day shall
            defeat the darkness
            with your strong will
            and iron fists!
            A great write! Thank
            you for the share.


          • poelove

            I love this prose with its very powerful metaphorical tree. I could actually feel the seed grow into adulthood and the joy as it looked back and saw the fears it conquered....well done charlotte!

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