Little White Birds



My love, I looked but could not see,

monsters in our majesty

Hope bearing his sad tragedies,

promising, then betraying me


I cursed him in the worst of grief;

he fled the fool escaping free

Over frail bodies' covering;

I condemned this Hope as mockery.


I searched for him amongst great trees,

he hid himself eluding me.

One little white against the green,

the smallest lie amidst envy


In climbing mountains, touching clouds,

I both whispered and yelled aloud

My efforts, causal-vapors now,

as screams dispersed about your shroud.


Now I walk these rows well followed,

granite facades planted shallow

Where words are prayers, regrets swallowed,

yes, hopes converge in these hollows


Here, those about me fear their dreams,

the downward looking silently.

Their solitude I’ve learned to breathe,

moving on with this memory:


Do you recall that day, my bride?

White birds unseen beside the light?

Tranquil winds as they flew by,

their wings slight breaths as if in sighs


And of that night two children we,

blessed by love our hopes our dreams.

Yet this future we did not perceive

its sewn disease within our weave.


I miss you, now it’s time to go,

I leave you with this Sunday’s rose.

Without regrets, two together chose

 Of course, my love I too shall  follow


Soon my dear I leave this sorrow

true love I shall once more not borrow

By testing faith in chasing hope’s;

little white birds that come tomorrow.


  • Christina8

    Very well written! Great rhyme and cadence. I did not get your metaphor until I read your authors note. Very sad indeed!

  • poelove

    thank you Christina for taking the time to read and your constructive comment. I shall have to work on clarifying my story so that one doesn't have to read the author notes to understand the metaphor.
    thank you

  • poetboy5454

    The symbolism of the white birds and the overall personification of hope flowed well, remaining consistent throughout the poem. I definitely enjoyed reading through it, all I'd say for criticism is perhaps a bit of expansion on the bride's troubles. But restating it at the beginning and end did help to achieve the same end.

    • poelove

      thank you for your time to read and comment I always look forwards to constructive criticisms as it is the ultimate reason for this sight. very much appreciated!

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