Political Poet

Humanity's Savior

 Im sick of the violence /

sick of the methods they use to keep us silenced /

while they mistake my silence for kindness/

its time to stand together and unwind this/

cause most of our problems is common sense Its not fuckin science!/

Stop lying to us/

using main stream media to continue to help blinding us/

tell us we have freedom but the second we stand you come finding us!/

you keep saying your guiding us / when in reality all you keep doing is lying to us!/

with more problems instead of solutions they're just Dividing us!/

you ever ask what their hiding from us?/

when only 1% owns 40% of our country Hmmmm you think their Bribing us?/

Riding us /

into a crock of shit is all their providing us?/

Lets stand together in unity, you and me, and influence the others to shine with us!!!/

All races, all colors, all religions, all parties come ride with us/

the only way to make it better is to confined in us!!!/

With the love in us we'll succeed to rise from the dust/

enough of the fuss, /

and feeling disgust /

place your differences aside and trust/

Go out there and see how many hearts you can touch!/

and teach our next generation the same, is that hard to discuss?/

that's all i ask................Is this to much? /

Just take off the gloves and spread the love/

i don't know about you but i enjoyed the way it was./

Just ask your self ..........when did this all take a curve /

where hate over takes love and lost faith in the man above?/

when people showed respect to strangers/

helped one another out from danger/

it seemed like yesterday back when i was rocking my pager/

and we cant ignore this as times get stranger/ cause that was a short time ago we need to reverse this childish behavior. /

and realize God has made YOU!!! ME!!! US!!! Humanity's Savior!          



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