Christopher Aaron


Sad Story Part 1


Please tell me how you feel when you are lonely

Lucky people have at least a one and only

A lonely person’s life means only ‘one’

Can't talk, hold hands or dance, no it's not fun!


It’s sad that some with greater numbers don’t take time

To do the math. Subtract? No…add, like ‘one’ plus nine

‘One’ plus five, plus three, or one plus ‘one’ will do

 A brother, sister or friend, life's more than only you.


A lonely man lives off of just a smile.

To make a friend, he'd prob'ly walk at least a mile.

And then, by chance, if one of you should laugh

The lonely one would likely walk another half


Takes two to tango? Each day alone you go to walk.

Dynamic duo? There’s no one else around with whom to talk.

Two’s company? Your company? There is but only one.

Three’s a crowd? just you, the other two are on the run.


Part 2- the answer


Out on your own? You usually feel somewhat depressed?

My life’s been good- each day I feel so very blessed

The Lord gave me some special time all to myself

To adjust my life… I leave all bad things on the shelf


When I’m alone, and having thoughts that are untoward

I’ll walk downtown and find someone who’s looking bored

I’ll open up, present myself, we start to chat

And soon we’re friends, Now TWO of us. Imagine that!





c aaron


  • sidqiehs

    Well written

    • Christopher Aaron

      Late answering on your comment but it is tough for most people as demonstrated in the video.
      Thanks for reading!

    • Laura


      A great write and informative video! Very revealing indeed!
      Your poem conveys a message that I wish more would be aware of! That is the exact reason why I’m in New York right be with my aunt for a while (long story)!
      Thank you for sharing! I will be reading more of your work in the days ahead!


    • Christopher Aaron

      Thanks for showing interest and reading- this answer to your comment is kind of late- I don’t think very many of us really understand what ‘lonely’ means unless we’ve been there ourselves- it would be good if we kept our eyes open and reached out to those we feel could use a friend-we might be able to prevent something more tragic occuring in those peoples’ lives later on

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