If You Only Knew


If you only knew how I feel,
The feelings I have are definitely real,
In my heart you will live on,
I wish I was with you from dusk till dawn,
Once I met you I knew I would hurt,
You ripped out my heart and threw it in the dirt,
If you only knew how it feels,
To be the one that never heals,
The world is full of beautiful things,
I’d love to see them from saturns rings,
Way up in the sky so high,
I’d hate to tell this world goodbye,
But if I must go I want you to know,
I always love the beautiful things.

All the beautiful things
From the depths of the abyss
To the farthest edge
Of the cosmic mist
All the beautiful things

Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder,
At least that’s what I have heard.
I’ve witnessed beauty in many faces.
Listened to it, in spoken and written word.
True Beauty can be spotted, when the observer
Is in th the right state of mind.
Let your thoughts drift , traveling on a calm
Spring breeze.
Soon beauty is all that your gazing eyes shall
Never have the most beautiful things, been found
With such effortless ease.

Feeling are travellers.
Without maps they stumble and are lost
to be found again, explorer freed
resurrected to provide the need
and inevitably they sow the seed,
for who we are.

What is true beauty?
Does everyone fawn over a
A perfect red longstem rose 🌹
I’ve never heard anyone say
Look at that hideous flower !
While holding one in their hand.
Sunsets, never met anyone who
Didn’t enjoy that colorful sky at
The days end.
Beauty is universal in some things,

If you only knew how I feel
you'd see a beauty that is real
both the dark and the light
a starry soul, full of life

Walk a mile in your shoes?
But, you are not me.
I cannot understand your life
feelings and needs unmet.
All I can do is try.

If you only knew,
The long nights I spent crying .
Remembering the beginning of us.
When our love was fresh and new.
Before time tore us apart,
Back when we simply followed our
I don’t think you would really care though.
Even if you actual did know.


  • marlenawood

    Very beautiful and intense piece I really enjoy this ❤️

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