Can you feel reality ripping at its seams?  

Can you feel your mind trapped in a constant loop?

  The turmoil of the world starting, ending, and simply repeating.  

Can you feel the cold breath of insanity down your neck?  

Can you feel the goose bumps of the past roll over your skin?   

Can you feel the knife of betrayal entering your back over and over again?   

Can you see the faces of past loves running through your head?  

Can you feel your mind drifting?  

Can you feel your heart racing?  

Can you feel your lungs constricting?  

Can you feel that darkness wrapping around your soul?   

Can you feel madness enveloping you in its cold waters?   

I can.  

Cause deep inside.  

Where nothing is fine.  

I've lost my mind.


  • GON

    Meh. I doubt you've lost your mind. Besides, true insanity, or at least the scary insanity, is the insanity that isn't even remotely self-aware.

  • Resa71

    I can feel this!
    Nice flow.
    I liked it :)

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