Political Poet

Generation of millennials

    Look at em, they seem lost, what's going on with our youth?/

They say they want proof but they don't want to accept the truth/

instead they live in denial while all hell breaks loose/

2017 is living proof of what the 80s produced/

a generation of millennial's lost and confused/

not having a clue being brain washed by the news/

just fools, not knowing how hard it was until they stepped into our shoes/

and dig deep into our roots/

and experienced the shit that we went through/

with stricter rules at home and in school/

when newspapers and magazines were the governments only tools/

and what our ancestors produced and had to lose for me and for you!/

this shit aint cool,/ Stop paying attention to the News and stop being fools/

Its sad watching them with the behavior they use/

Bitching about pointless shit like your being abused/

and voting for a party that always seems to lose/

like politicians give two damns about you or what you do/

im giving you a hand of unity take it if you choose/

until then suck it up butter cups, cause you got it easy ........

and its the fuckin truth!

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