Jo Middleton

Jo Middleton

Small hands cupping the molds
Don't make no difference, There's no sound
Every index plugged right in
Please, won't someone stop her screaming?
Whilst everyone else forgets her name
Do you know who the deaf girl is?

No one remembers. No one cares.
She thought it was only her that had no hearing
But everyone else has gone deaf now
Her pain still radiates this town
Turn as many blind eyes as you please
She's still here, still trying to breathe
Hearing aids clipped In

she can still hear herself speak
So why isn't anyone else listening?
Even when completely paralysed she feels tears
Left alone, forgotten corner
Round circles brightening her emotions
Dead to the world but there's no funeral
For the girl that's death bed is waiting calmly

Then from silence they hear a small weep
A silent creature, Five foot three
With bones so sharp she could harm herself
Why didn't we notice all the scars?
And finally, finally they finally hear her
Do you know who the deaf girl is?
Jo. My name is Jo.

They finally hear me scream.
Beat me til there's silence again
Would I have been best if I had not spoken?
Risked my life in hope of being saved
Should of just stayed silent
Nearly could of moved away and leave
Better to breathe than regret everything


  • Poetic25

    an epic piece of writing jo
    enjoyed reading, albeit sad

    Michael :)

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