disguised in black

evening again, and a black painting has arrived

replacing the blue strokes previously at bay 

the painting speaks of one and the same 

a never-ending all-consuming, a vision of black 

floating, standing still, the painting sits, wandering

he painted me black, I wanted purple

a black defined colour, masculine in essence, feminine invisible

a black manly sky, floating, firm and fixed 

turning everything else into a picture of grey 

because of me all colour's have lost their definition 

there is a black cloud circling the world below me 

and all  turned to mist, there is no light within me 

only behind, a white piece of paper stands behind my back 

look what the painter acheived, he covered my snow

in several thousand black crows to help an evenings face 

he smothered my natural state in black paint

my snowy face disappeared, stuck now in rear view

nobody can climb into my hidden, naturally formed world

see the real me, they just see a cover, a sheet of paint

on appearance, i am just black but do you dare

to pull back, apart,  the curtains hiding my inner world 

my real world, do you even see, or do you just see a face 

an outer shell, a black skin, no different colours behind my back

maybe i am white but also a lot more

if you reached into my world, how many colours would you  find

i've been disguised, covered in a colour 

the girl behind the window, she is looking at me 

seconds later, turns away, because i am simply too black

i am covered, i am blue, lonely and lost 

invisible, crying because nobody can see the real me

the painter was cruel to paint and disguise me 

he caused me pain, turned me into mr invisible

i pray for the painter to erase my skin somehow

i wish for someone to pull open my black curtains

walk to the back of my disguised skin

because, all i really want 

is for someone to see the real me





  • Burning Crow

    Wow this is amazing! I like how you used an artist painting a picture to describe your feelings and life, as if it was the universe laying out your path, really clever. This is one of your best writes.

    • yellowrose

      hi burning crow, thankyou ! i've got to say , i truly loved writing this one!
      '' he painted me black , i wanted purple '' ... somewhere behind mountains of black , there is me , a person who wants to be found,
      thanks for reading 🙂

    • Laura🌻

      An awesome write, Charlotte!
      Do not fear my dear, that black curtain will be opened!


      • yellowrose

        hi laura ,, thankyou ! 🙂 x

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