I’m Not Okay

How do you ask about my day knowing I'm not okay,

I walk through the halls and people have nothing good to say,

I am hurting and no one notices, guess what I'M NOT OKAY,

"No one cares" "your ugly" "loss weight fatty" that's all in my head,

That is all I tend to think about before I go to bed,

Well guess what I'm not okay and I am not afraid to admit it,

I'm not okay not one bit,

From all the fake smiles to the fake good times I've had,

I'm sorry I faked it but it wasn't all that bad,

Please understand i will be okay in the end, but for now I'm not okay my friend.


  • XxjulesxX

    Tell me what you think about my poem please :)

  • themerrypapist

    Your poem is beautiful. Don't forget that you're infinitely valuable, OK?

    • XxjulesxX

      Thank you and I won’t forget

    • sidqiehs

      I really enjoyed reading this

      • XxjulesxX

        Thank you :)

      • Birddie Jane

        I really like your poem. This is from my poem help me

        ...You are so oblivious

        And it makes me sad

        That you don't look

        When I give hints

        A webpage left open

        A poem written

        Or song on repeat

        I am not happy

        I have not been happy

        In a very long time

        But i smile

        And I laugh

        Because you tell me too

        My white flag

        Waving in the shadows


        And alone

        Why can't you see

        That I am so broken

        Lost and scared


        Open your eyes

        See me

        As I really am

        Help me

        • XxjulesxX

          Wow that’s a beautiful poem :)

        • Jamie

          truthful and straightforward, real emotions, very relatable, great poem, Jules!

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