L. Nicole

Something About Him

There was something about him,

I couldn't put my finger on it,

I didn't know if it was the way he made me laugh like no one else could, or if it was the way he would carry himself, or if it was just because he was great company,

The way he would interact with those he loved always amazed me, like he would do anything for them, risk his own happiness just to make sure they keep theirs,

He's so talented and I wish he could see what I see, I didn't think I could care so much about a person as much as I did him, he would surprise me time and time again,

Everyday I would learn something new, he was the bright light in my dark days, and he didn't even know,

It's to the point now that feelings have started to grow,

I could never act on them though because he,

He was unpredictable,

It was hard to get him to open up,

In his eyes, I could see a broken boy trying to be a strong man,

I wanted to ask why and who did it, but that wasn't my place, when he was ready he would tell me,

So until then I sit back and wish that he could see what I see,

The type of person he is,

He's contagious and I always want be around him, and even if things don't go further,

I would still just wanna be his friend, just so I could be in his presence,

Cause there was something about him,

I couldn't put my finger on it,

But there was something about him.

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