Unfinished symphony

A solo performance-
you played out; within me
upon my stage of vulnerability

preying behind the curtain of
my blind-spot to release an
infernal act that hypnotised;
my emotional intelligence
seducing my mind
swaying to the pendant
of your charm offensive
corrupted from your knowledge

You began by manipulating
the strings of my heart.
with my love falling out of tune;
to the tone of your mercy
that played over and over
motioning a perpetual echo
of my learned behaviour

your big bands bashed;
banging my head
against a brick wall
with a repetitive

I hushed you with
my break-down
but you would beat –
not the hell, but
my confidence
out of my mind.


my strength weakened.

and weakened


i sang the chorus.
that finally
blew you away!

and your symphony

was unfinished


  • yellowrose

    i agree with little gift ... a very powerful piece of writing .. i love your reference to strings of the heart and the drums ..

    your big bands bashed;
    banging my head
    against a brick wall

    it sounds like someone really got to you , and caused you pain ..

    really great, enjoyed this!

    • Poetic25

      Thank you Charlotte,

      The truth is that the 'person and pain' portrayed in this piece is me! A conflict within of addiction, which I am pleased to say is long gone, and' its' work becomes 'unfinished' so I am free. if all that makes sense haha

      Michael :)

      • yellowrose

        yes, i understand what you are saying :-) i guess we as readers can misinterpret poems sometimes .. after all its always the poet that knows the real meaning but we can always guess lol

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      • Christina8

        A well written poem, so heartfelt. Very emotional. Great job!

        • Poetic25

          Thank you for reading Christina and lovely words

          Michael :)

        • poelove

          yes powerful and I loved the rhythm you achieved it flowed well. The last verse 'i sang the chorus' made for a powerful finish.

          • Poetic25

            Thank you poelove

            For reading and lovely comments. yes the 'chorus' is my strength, which I sing very loudly haha

            Michael :)

            • poelove

              you are welcome I enjoy the peace of reading well thought out verses..a break from so much angst driven poetry,,, I see too much of.

            • poelove

              some symphonies should forever remain unfinished..excellent metaphor for the on-going battle every person must endure with regards to our own personal demons...

              • Poetic25

                Thank you poelove, yes I agree.
                We can only oust our demons with our own strengths and will to be rid. Never an easy task for sure, but no one can do this for us.
                MIchael :)

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