Political Poet

Mainstream Corruption



Im starring at the TV like WTF is going on?

The media is causing people to panic sounding off false alarms.

without caring on how many people can be harmed,

or how many soldiers will go into war loosing their legs and their arms.

Their Fathers and their Moms.

Millions of lives could be wiped out from just one single bomb.





Where's the outrage? Respect and unity from news is diffidently gone!

Am i the only one picking up on this shit on our front lawns?

All the good one does is now totally irrelevant,

and what kills me is that all the blame is going to the current President.

when the corruptions been going on since day one from our own Government.

As if all the bullshit Obama has done was so excellent,

cause he talked with words in elegance,

and Trump is based on his temperament.



Funny how if you listen closely they all use the same words its absurd,

thinking if you hear it enough the truth blurs or the truth curves,

and is exaggerated from what actually occurs!



Its a trick they play, to sway your mind set to their believes.

Controlled by the same Politicians who claim we're free.

Read between the lines, their saying your the enemy if you don't believe in me!!!

Meaning them,

pretending they care like their your friends,

but only give a shit when the elections up again,

and once its over all that talk and promises simply comes to a end.

You know it, and i know its all just pretend!!!

Because in the end its not about us.......... "That's right once again, its simply about them!" 



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