Alone on the hill

Alone again on this night, I sit on this hill
I gaze across the land all is silent and still.

The sun is saying goodnight, the stars say hello
As the sleepy village begins to light up below.
Alone i sit in silence looking across the vast plains I hear.
The faint sound from the castle pub full of laughs, songs and cheer.

As the evening chill begins to ripe
The only warmth I have is from my small wooden pipe.

Alone again without no friends, family or sweetheart.
Only the cold and nestin birds to keep me company as I admire the Lord's Art.

 The sky is now black, and light from towns now fill these lands.
Full of family's and loved ones whilst alone I think and stand.

I think back awhile of when I were just a lad 
next to a raw open fire eating tea next to my dad.
I think of the warmth I had when I was loved and fed.
What I would give to have a nice cup of tea, hot bath and my very own bed.

Now read what i say, from a old man with a white beard 
Whos wish he believes deserves to be heard

Hear me! i cry a man who eats berries and sleeps on farmers hay and straw 
Please be greatful, keep the love of your friends and family raw 

Before you lose it all, you still have a chance
Before it all goes in a single glance.
Say I love you, and thank you, that Is my only will!
Before you sit like me, alone on this hill.

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