In the coarse and barren winter

In the coarse and barren winter.
All is quiet and dark
In The fields and the woods 
All is still among the sea of bark
The snow falls over the silent graves 
As the wind sings it sad lonely song  
the sound of a fox cry fills the land in its waves.
So far for so long. 
Long away from any mate. As it walks trepidly through the frozen wooden row. 
Alone and cold it wanders weeping through the snow.
Under a desolate white sky, it lies huddled under the trees.
Cold and scared falling to nature's ever soothing breeze. 
Go to sleep little fox. It hears, For you will be safe and warm. 
Hear my song and you will be far away from this by dawn.
The fox whilst it lays. Begins to slowly slip away. 
Into the long sleep where the snow is at bay. 
In the coarse and barren winter, all is quiet and dark.
In the fields and woods.
All is still among the sea of bark.
The snow falls over silent graves as the wind sings it lonely song. 
Tomorrow another creature will fall to its phantom tune.
that plays so far for so long. 
In the coarse and barren winter.


  • Lorna

    Beautiful "sea of bark".........

  • yellowrose

    so sad , when animals lose their life in the winter. i love your reference to the fox in this piece of writing , and your mention of the wind singing a sad and lonely song , you have given the woods an atmosphere of stillness, yet sad loneliness, and the fox weeping through the snow .. a great piece of writing!

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