Andrew Guzaldo

 “Thanks for your SERVICE”


 “As we walk through the streets daily,
And see transient men asking for help,
Some change a cup of coffee,
Most will shroud expeditiousness or ill,

Most of us that have seen the world,
And are aware of how a homeless Vet,
As he stands he fears people hurrying away,
As many stands in annulment of this man,

As they haste on their way in fear,
Passing on in an gauche manner,
 Hoping this Vet will not come near,  
Showing cavalier of he who flew a Banner,

Articled on and endless perilous plight                                            
Their souls are left in disarray each day
As they still continue to carry on this fight,
A corrosion of their bodies as once at bay,

No longer able to control the fear they have,
Just asking for kindness as the day goes by,
Standing in fear pain and facialis so nervus,
Is it really that so hard to say,
Thanks for your SERVICE”

  • By A.G. 2/2018

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