The Truth and The Lie


"How do you smile so much?"

Because it's easier than crying.


"Why are you always so happy?"

Because it's easier than being angry.


Its easier to lie then show the truth,

Because people don't like the truth.


When you show people the real you they tear you down faster,

But when you show them the lie they're only tearing down the fake you.


As you grow up people say lying is bad,

But what if lying protects you from getting hurt?


Is lying bad?

Of course it is but not when it's protecting you.


I lie to those i love,

Because i don't want to see their reactions to the real me.


So when you're asking people "Why are you always happy?" 

Or "How do you smile so much?"


Just know that there's two layers to everyone.....

The Truth and The Lie.






  • Author: Little_Write (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 25th, 2018 00:34
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  • b-LAH-que

    Very relatable. Although, I'd say that smiling and seeming happy when feeling the opposite is only easy in that it elicits an easier-to-deal-with response from others who may not relate to our true feelings. Aside from that, it's exhausting, even soul crushing.

  • dusk arising

    I'd be lieing if i said...... but the truth is.... no, you don't want to hear it.. so!

  • FredPeyer

    When a person smiles, look into his/her eyes and you will know if the smile is real or fake!
    Very nicely written poem LW!

  • Lorna

    Little...... I find this very true - it's hard to find people you can trust enough to be yourself with....... and also don't want to put too much on others anyway since everyone has problems.....

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